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What Changed Between Versions 1 And 2 Of Talks.Cam

This transition happened in 2006. The most significant changes are as follows:

  1. The concepts of “series” and “listings” have been changed: In the original version of, a seminar series organizer created a “series”, then used “listings” to display the contents of series live on external webpages. In version 2, series and listings have now been replaced by “lists”, which can be displayed through ”views”. “Lists” can now include other “list”s. (For example, a “list” for the Department of Physics can include all the seminar series of Physics-department research groups.) All links to your existing series and listings should continue to work, but the way in which you manage these objects has changed.
  2. “Views” are very flexible, with lots of options for how to get content into other webpages. All of the ‘state’ of a view is stored in the html or URL used to obtain the view. No ‘state’ information is kept on
  3. We have improved the personal diary functionality (including vcal and email notification).
  4. Raven login.
  5. New menu and help facilities.

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