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What is a blog for and how does it improve your SEO?

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In marketing, we are used to talking about the importance of positioning for brands, but many customers ask us what a blog is for and how it improves SEO .

It is common that those who have not delved into the world of positioning, do not understand how a blog for their brand and website can improve the position in which they appear on Google.

If you want to discover what a blog is for in the digital age and what makes it essential, we will tell you below:

Index of contents

What is a blog?

What is NOT a BLOG ?

Structure of a Blog

Types of Blog

Professional blog

Corporate blog

Niche blog

What is a blog for?

Why do I need a Blog?

What relationship do a blog and SEO have?

Can anyone write a blog?

What is a blog?

We understand by Blog that section or tab within a web page where we can find articles on a topic. It is known as SEO Blog because it is part of content marketing.

Content marketing is the strategy in which a brand creates content from 0 and of interest to its audience. Instead of gaining customers by pressing with advertising or sales actions, it offers interesting content for your market.

Therefore, a Blog is a page where the content appears, usually written, on a topic of interest to my market and public. For example, this blog entry would be aimed at those interested in digital marketing.

What is NOT a BLOG ?

A Blog is not a news or news section, nor is it a press release. The peculiarity of the Blog is that it writes about topics of interest or questions that belong to a market.

Similarly, it requires a study of keywords and positioning. That is, what words must appear in my text to appear in the best position of Google and what text structure should I use.

For example, a brand knows that its audience has an interest in how a sports club is created. In that case, study what keywords are used to find answers and write “How to create a soccer club”. Thus, it will appear in Google organically.

Structure of a Blog

For Google to understand what content appears in my Blog and why it should show it to those who search for something related, we need to take into account several elements.

Because precisely the quality and importance of the Blog is defined by the Google algorithm and it is he who wonders what a Blog is for. In this sense, we have to follow a structure to index correctly

We must take into account the use of Headers or titles with our keyword, repeat the keywords with logic and without abuse, write about trending topics, define our audience well, use the correct language, insert backlinks, take care of the snipper and define the meta description.

Yes, sometimes the Blog has several requirements that we need to know to offer quality content and that Google shows it to the public we want to reach. And thus, improve engagement and the brand-product relationship.

SEO blog

Types of Blog

Depending on our type of audience and market, together with the brand objectives, our blog will belong to one type or another. Broadly speaking, as a brand we find the professional blog, the corporate blog, and the niche blog.

Professional blog

The professional blog seeks to promote a brand organically and non-intrusively towards our target. Creating quality content helps to attract customers and improve the SEO of our website.

Google will relate the written content with the product or service that my brand sells, categorizing our brand website, and targeting it to our target.

The Professional Blog continues to be the most powerful channel to create a brand, increase web traffic, and reach new clients. Corporate blog

In this case, the blog is oriented towards the brand itself. For example, a large brand carries out news or actions to improve its image or performance and wants to discuss it with its public.

This type of Blog is focused on creating the image and reputation of their brand. Talk about their good practices to share their values with the public and define a corporate image. Niche blog

The niche blog is aimed at very specific and specialized market segments. An example would be a brand that sells only sneakers and all its content talks about the world of sneakers.

The difference of this blog would be that instead of talking about sneakers in general or sports, it focuses on fans of the sneaker type and creates the content of interest for this specific audience.

What is a blog for?

This is the one million questions. And it is that many companies, when they are proposed to carry out a content strategy based on Blog, sees it as something unnecessary and of little value. This is a mistake.

Generate traffic to our website

Create new clients

Improve relationships with current customers Generate sales options

Improve the relationship between brand-target Google’s algorithm understands what our website is talking about Increase our position in Google search Users come to us voluntarily

Create a brand image and reputation

Make a difference against the competition

That is why if we ask ourselves, what is a Blog for? we know that the Blog creates better brands, generates sales opportunities, differentiates us from the competition and improves our position in Google. As we say, it is a MUST HAVE . Buy the cheap email hosting services.

Positioning blog

Why do I need a Blog?

Having a blog will improve your SEO and it will be easier for you to be found on the internet. Google’s algorithm reviews millions of websites and we need to define who we are and what we do to exist in this huge network.

It offers long-term advantages, creating a brand image, increasing traffic to the website, and improving customer relations. Also, we avoid using old sales strategies that make the current user lose interest in the brand.

What relationship do a blog and SEO have?

Blog entries contain titles, messages, keywords, and descriptions that tell Google what we are offering and who may be interested in our information.

If we are a consultancy that writes professional and informative content for the public that needs to have a minimum knowledge of insurance, Google will show this content to those who seek answers on the subject.

Get the best email hosting UK services from grid hosting? Can anyone write a blog?

The creation of content and especially the writing for Blog requires strategic analysis of the competition, the market, the buyer persona, and the values to be transmitted.

Along with search trends and good keyword analysis, we will be able to offer quality and interesting content for those who search for related content on Google.

Therefore, we need to have a good understanding of the content structure that must be present in a publication. In a blog post, nothing is left to chance.

At Einatec we are specialists in writing Blog content and we are clear about what a Blog is for. If you need help with the Blog or have questions, you can contact us.

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